Nicola Graziani

Nicola enters the world of clothing in 1984 by managing the production of a company ready to men’s fashion. In the early 90’s rides the fashion of ecological furs and in the following years he started tom make accessories for clothing.

On April 19th 2001, thanks to the help of his  friends,  he found a small store into centergross and here “Mezzamela” started its activity specializing in the accessories of metal that continue to be his passion.

At the beginning of 2002 he continued the activity together with Stefania, her sister, that she has always been in the fashion world.

In the following years became the store became bigger and bigger until 2005 where people meet and moved to its present location.

In 2006, understanding that the market was changing (and smaller orders in shorter time), opened the detachment of Grumello del Monte in the province of Bergamo (north of Italy), where it stores finished to be able to earn even one day in the deliveries managing autonomously the processes that were once outsourced.

Meanwhile, the business has expanded and co-workers have increased, almost all women, the result of a long selection.

Now  the Mezzamela staff is composed of 13 people working all together in synergy.